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SHOCKING! Amy Jackson’s personal pictures LEAKED after her phone gets hacked!


SHOCKING! Amy Jackson's personal pictures LEAKED after her phone gets hacked! – Amy Jackson's phone got hacked…

Amy Jackson's phone got hacked…

Amy Jackson was taken aback when her personal pictures got leaked on the Internet. She realised later that somebody had hacked into her phone.

What happened was, Amy flew from London to Chennai in order to wrap the last schedule of 2.0 and she had a connecting flight from Mumbai. Apparently, she decided to spend some time at a mobile store during her halt in Mumbai and word has it that the phone got hacked at the store itself.

Some of the personal pictures of the actress got leaked on the Internet. As per a report on Mid-Day, a source informed, "“The phone’s automatic sync was on, as a result of which all photographs clicked by her were getting saved on iCloud. She was in her hometown, London, when she couldn’t log into her account for a few days and went to a local store for help. However, it was on February 7 when two pictures with her best friend having dinner appeared online that she realised her phone was hacked. She went to the service centre again before coming to India.”

Reportedly, Amy also explained,"“I was shocked when this happened. This isn’t a trivial matter and has to be taken up seriously. I will register a complaint with the cyber crime cell in London and ensure the hackers are taken to task. Cyber safety is the need of the hour.”

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