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‘Saying no to a film needs guts’

‘Saying no to a film needs guts’ – Television anchor and actress Anasuya talks about playing a solo lead, how television helps her stay afloat and how she is a director’s actress.

Actress Anasuya, who is playing the lead in the forthcoming film Kathanam, is up against Nagarjuna’s film this Friday. “For the first time, I can feel the pressure with this film. Now I know how every actor feels when their films are nearing release,” says Anasuya, who adds, “I don’t know whether I can carry off the role or not, but I certainly feel the weight of being the solo lead in this film.”

Anasuya admits she never thought that she would become a lead actress. “But it is happening now” she exults, adding, “My career is better than yesterday and I am in a happy space now. I just follow his instructions and give my best.” Interestingly, her first big release was Kshanam a few years back, followed by last year’s Rangasthalam, in which she played the character of Rangamma. “I heard nearly 13 stories after Rangasthalam but nothing excited me,” says Anasuya, adding, “But Kathanam is a different story and I liked it.”

The actress is hopeful of getting some recognition for her work. “When I work hard and don’t get any recognition, I feel depressed. But in this film, I got a chance to show different variations to my character and learn more about myself. The film’s success will decide my status in the industry,” she says.

Describing her upcoming film as a murder mystery, Anasuya shares, “I play Anu, a struggling director who wants to prove herself and prepare a story. But she lands in trouble when a couple of murders take place exactly the way she writes in her story. How she comes out from her troubles is narrated in a thrilling way.”

The anchor says that she has not quit the small screen as it helps her financially. “I play myself on television, but on the big screen, I do different kinds of roles. Though I get many opportunities, I only want to do good roles. To say ‘no’ to a film needs a lot of guts. But my television career allows me to take care of my EMIs etc.,” she reveals, adding that age is just a number. “I am ready to play even a grandmother’s role, but when the audience comes out of the theatre, they should talk only about me,” she concludes.

‘Saying no to a film needs guts’

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